Steps for Preparing a Great Resume and Cover Letter!

Throughout any job application process, a resume and cover letter are required to be considered for a job position. One of the best ways to stand out within this process is by developing a strong resume and cover letter. The stronger your application is, the more likely you are to differentiate yourself from others and exemplify the unique value you can offer. A great website that can help get your resume on the right track is canva. This website allows you to choose a resume template that can go according to each individual job position that you are seeking. Listed below are a few steps on how to build a proper resume and cover letter along with websites that can help you set these documents up in the right format.

Step by Step How to Build a Resume:

1.Figure out what type of resume you want. Chronological or Functional?

2. Create a header with your name, phone number, and email address

3. Summarize your work experience and relevant skills

4. List your experience

5. List your activities

6. List your education

7. List any awards

8. List personal interests

9. Save resume as a PDF document

Step by Step Cover Letter:

1.Header - list your contact information - name, number, email address & home address

2. Opening - Introduce who you are and specify what job you are seeking. Why are you a good fit? This is a good place to bring up your strongest skills or past experience.

3. Body - How have you used your skills to obtain a positive outcome? Strongly exemplify your talents that you can offer to this position

4. Closing - Be enthusiastic regarding the opportunity. Make sure to leave the employer intrigued with what you have to offer.

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