Public Speaking Techniques

The ability to perfect public speaking skills is viewed as an asset within the business realm of today’s society. Public speaking is crucial in building relationships and furthering connections with those individuals around you. It is very beneficial to take the time to strengthen your public speaking abilities further. If you are new to public speaking, a great way to build your knowledge can be by familiarizing yourself with the 7C’s of communication. After obtaining this knowledge you can focus on different public speaking techniques in order to improve your personal performance. The number one tip most professionals give is that you must put in the effort to practice prior to your presentation or speech. Practice makes perfect. Another great technique is engaging with your audience. Making direct eye contact and being vocal can help grasp the attention of your listeners. The body language you reveal can demonstrate how you are feeling throughout the speech. Positive body language and confidence can display your belief in the subject matter you are speaking upon. Finally, if you are looking to continuously improve your speaking skills, recording your speeches can be helpful. By analyzing these recordings, you can critique the areas of the speech you must improve.

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