Prediction of the Marketing Industry Future

According to influential marketing industry leaders, several changes to the marketing industry will be implemented in the course of 2021. The majority of leaders agree that marketing integration will have a stronger impact with consumer and brand relationships than ever before. By using direct mail, customers can be left with a remarkable experience throughout their personal consumer journey. Marketing leaders also believe after the long term effects of the Coronavirus, a third of the United States will face a massive disruption. The three major job areas predicted to be tremendously impacted are the healthcare, finance, and education industries. As for the impact of Coronavirus on the marketing industry, it is expected that marketers will receive a decrease in their budgets. This year, it is predicted that marketers will have less money for budgeting along with smaller teams to work with. Unfortunately, this occurrence may set up companies to have a low sales performance. During this period of economic decline, companies that choose to slow down marketing efforts may set themselves up for failure. Finally, one commonality most marketing industry leaders believe will become normal is that of remote working. After adapting to working conditions over the past year, companies are beginning to recognize that you do not have to be working in an office to be a successful employee.

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