LinkedIn: How To Perfect Your LinkedIn Page

In order to expand your networking skills, the social media platform “LinkedIn” is the perfect tool to help you. LinkedIn offers those who want to develop their professional network, link with fellow business employers. LinkedIn also offers the opportunity of allowing new and current members search for job opportunities in their desired career path. It is a unique way that employers seek to find new employees. By taking action to strengthen your LinkedIn profile, you can stand out from the competition and attract the attention of future employers. Here are some tips on how to build your professional profile:

1. Have an interesting header/title that stands out to employers.

2. Make sure you have a professional headshot in proper attire as your profile picture.

3. Frequently add an updated resume to your profile that is easily accessible.

4. Make sure your profile is public.

5. Post frequently about business related topics and projects you are working on

6. Request a recommendation. A strong testimonial on your profile can help you stand out.

7. Check your LinkedIn score to see what you can improve on.

8. Turn your profile summary into your personal story. This is your attention getter.

9. Grow your network by frequently adding new professional contacts.

10. Follow influencers related to your designated career path so you can learn more from their experiences

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