Let's Talk About Internships!

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

In order to get prior work experience in your designated career field, taking on an internship may be the right choice. An internship allows an individual to gain real life work experience prior to entering their career. Internships are an opportunity to help further your knowledge and skill sets in an impactful way.

AMA was fortunate enough to interview one of our very own executive board members, Breanna Flynn, regarding her internship experience this past summer. Breanna Flynn is a senior at the University of Tampa who majors in International business and Marketing. Following graduation, she hopes to pursue a career working for a marketing and advertising agency. She is also interested in working in the global realm of marketing as an account executive or digital marketer.

This summer, she was able to gain experience in digital marketing as a digital marketing intern by working for “MyArea network.” She worked heavily with content marketing, attracting visitors to the site through publishing solution-based articles, and client data analytical projects.Breanna successfully attracted over 3200 site views due to her fascinating articles. She even had the opportunity to not only design but strategize a content marketing dashboard for their client portal called MySuite. In order to stay on top of her work load, Breanna handled each situation with balance so she could move forward confidently knowing she worked to the best of her ability. This opportunity was her first time working in hire level strategy thinking and she believes that she was extremely fortunate enough to have the experience of partaking in.

“How can you use what you learned from the internship in your future endeavors?”

“I think the internship has reinforced my desire to work with different clients and collaborate with passionate teams in an agency environment. I believe it has prepared me to step out strongly in the marketing world”

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