Internship Experience From AMA Member Ashley!

At the American Marketing Association, we value learning about marketing experiences from our peers and fellow members. This week’s blog post features one of our very own executive boards members, Ashley Massicott, who completed an internship that partnered with TECO Electric Company and Mcdonald’s training center while studying at the University of Tampa. Ashley Massicott is a Marketing major who is pursuing a career in sales. In 2019, Ashley had the opportunity to work for TECO Electric and Mcdonald’s training facility, which is a nonprofit shipping facility located in Tampa. During the course of this internship, Ashley was responsible for collaborating with fellow interns in order to create a distinguished website for TECO Electric’s Manatee Viewing Center. In order to provide suitable content for the website, Ashley worked with other companies to accurately price and promote the various types of products offered. From this experience, Ashley had developed a new understanding of the complexities of working with several businesses. She believes that the most important thing she had learned from this experience was the importance of communication. Communication skills are necessary in collaborating affectively with others. By focusing on this skill, she was able to identify the needs of each company, communicate that specific need and pinpoint a solution that is beneficial for all those involved. Overall, this internship has helped Ashley Massicott prepare for her future career in Inbound sales.

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