Intro to AMA!

What exactly is AMA? And what can it do for you?

What is AMA?

The American Marketing Association is a professional association designed to provide a transforming community for marketers for which they can belong. AMA was founded in 1937 and was formed due to the merger of two predecessor marketing organizations. The American Marketing Association provides content that is based off not only the traditions of previous AMA leaders but focuses on the current best marketing practices versus upcoming marketing practices. The main target of AMA is to provide a means of communication for marketers so they can connect with one another and achieve long term success.

What can AMA do for you?

By joining AMA, you can help advance your career path by taking steps to help obtain a successful future. Members are granted access to events that provide impactful learning opportunities. By attending events, you can further your networking abilities and create relationships with others who share the same marketing passion. AMA can help boost your marketing skills which can even be applied in other career choices. The opportunities that can result from being a part of this association are endless. By taking the simple step of choosing AMA, you can excel your marketing knowledge which can help differentiate yourself in the marketing industry. AMA even provides job opportunities through the AMA website within the association itself, along with access to marketing and academic jobs.

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