Important Certifications in Marketing

In order to get ahead in your marketing career, obtaining marketing certifications can help accelerate your industry knowledge. By furthering your knowledge today, you will gain a competitive advantage over those around you. Listed below are a few certifications that are beneficial in the marketing industry:

Hubspot : (FREE) Hubspot offers an Inbound marketing certification that will help you understand the strategies inbound marketing has to offer. These include planning, modern SEO, email marketing, content distribution, content strategy, social media, marketing analysis, etc. Hubspot certifications are acknowledged globally and are here to help you further your business career.

PCM certification test : PCM is known as the Professional Certified Marketer certification.

It is offered through the American Marketing Association and provides a highly valued program for individuals seeking to further their knowledge in numerous marketing areas. Program price ranges dependent upon which course areas you are seeking.

Digital Marketing : One of the great opportunities the American Marketing Association offers is a digital marketing class. The University of Tampa offers a class within the Fall semester. The course is included within the American Marketing Association’s dues but there is a fee fee in order to take the test at the end of the semester.

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