How has Halloween changed this year due to Covid-19?

Over the last few months the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus has significantly impacted the way we function in our daily lives. As Halloween approaches you may be wondering how this might affect Halloween as a whole. Although Halloween will be fairly different this year, the best way to stay cautious is by making sure you are following CDC guidelines if you plan on participating in halloween or upcoming holiday festivities. Every area has different CDC guidelines regarding Halloween so be sure to be on the look out whether “trick or treating” is recommended in your designated area. If you still plan on keeping your typical Halloween party traditions here are a few tips on how to stay smart and lower the spread of Covid during Halloween.

  1. Be aware that outdoor activities pose a lower risk of spreading the virus than indoor activities would.

  2. If you plan to host a party, be mindful of the locations people may be traveling from, how long the gathering will be, and the behaviors of the attendees you may become in close contact with.

  3. If you must throw a party, keep the gathering shorter and be sure to practice social distancing while wearing your mask.

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