Global Marketing

Introduction to Global Marketing:

As a marketer, an influential way of expanding your audience can be by reaching new customer bases. A significant way to perfect this technique can be by practicing global marketing. Global marketing allows companies to increase their profitability by enlarging their customer base. Rather than limiting marketers to focus on just one United States market, marketers can further their focus on the numerous markets outside of the U.S. By thinking globally, marketers can increase the volume of their customer base as a whole while reaching their desired market share potential.

Careers in Global Marketing:

If you are an individual who desires a career path in the global marketing realm, you should begin thinking about which jobs appeal most to you. To help you start looking for careers in global marketing positions, here is a list of a few global marketing job opportunities:

Global marketing program manager

This position consists of developing and implementing business plans, marketing strategies, and forecasting for specific products or services. Another responsibility is to recommend marketing opportunities in order to support product line objectives.

Marketing manager in global marketing

A global marketing manager, also referred to as an international marketing manager, is responsible for achieving maximization for their company’s overall market share and profit margin. A global marketing manager must be fully aware of current global marketing trends and focus on creating new products that meet the demands of consumers internationally.

Global communications manager

Main focus is to oversee communication strategies while providing support for the company on a regional and worldwide level. Primary focus is to work towards developing communication programs that will successfully promote the company’s specific products or services.

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