Careers in Marketing

As a college graduate with a degree in marketing, the job opportunities in the marketing realm are endless. In order to give you insights regarding the most popular marketing careers, here is a list of the most common jobs that require a marketing degree:

1. Digital Marketing manager - The role of the digital marketing manager is to direct the company’s message, brand appeal, and experience for consumers through all digital platforms. Digital marketing managers combine knowledge in the digital media world with business judgements in order to increase customer engagement and brand awareness.

2. Senior product manager - This position entails overseeing product development and delivery. Product managers also work with company leadership to determine the ideal direction of the product while managing the work that product development teams fulfill.

3. Logistics account manager - The role of a logistics account manager is crucial in working with both client relations and shipping logistics. Their responsibilities include working to build a lasting relationship with a client while communicating each customer's needs to the shipping logistics company to make sure each customer receives their needs within a certain time frame.

4. Strategic account manager- As an account manager your main duty is to work with customers to understand their needs, while building and maintaining strong clientele relationships. An account manager works with internal departments to make sure that every complaint or request is handled in a timely fashion and then offers an effective solution for the customer.

5. Marketing manager - The role of a marketing manager is to oversee the entire company’s marketing efforts and the product and services they offer. Marketing managers take on a position of responsibility while working with marketing teams, helping lead initiatives and analyzing results to apply within the future years.

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