Brooke Pelkey's Leadership Story

Brooke Pelkey, AMA's Director of Content Marketing, shares her story about stepping into a leadership role.

The right leadership skills can be crucial in becoming a successful leader. In order to give you an example on how leadership skills can impact your life, Brooke Pelkey shared her story. As a new executive board member for AMA, Brooke took on the role as director of email and content marketing. This position entails writing new blog posts for the AMA website on a weekly basis, as well as drafting emails to send to members regarding upcoming events to attend. By taking on this position she was able to gain more knowledge while enhancing her leadership skills.

As a blog writer, she furthered her creativity skills by strategizing new ways on how to grasp attention from readers through her posts. She also learned how to take on the leadership skill of active listening by learning from her VPO team that has helped her tremendously. The most important leadership skill she believes she has obtained is integrity.

In the first few weeks of taking on this position, she believes her integrity had helped her admit to fellow executive board members when she needs guidance on how to execute certain tasks. She states “Without the help of fellow members, I would not be transforming into the leader I strive to be. AMA has given me new found gratitude for all those involved in the marketing community.”

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