10 Interview Tips To Help You Have Your Dream Career!

1. Research ahead of time.

Look up the company you are interested in working for and learn about their background information. Knowing a company’s brief history and mission statement can be beneficial during the interview process.

2. Know yourself.

Be able to answer confidently why you want the job and would be a good fit for the position. Be prepared to answer questions regarding a difficult situation you may have had to overcome along with your own personal strengths and weaknesses. These are commonly used interview topics.

3. Attire

By wearing proper business attire to any interview you can exemplify that you are professional. It can also be a sign that you are respectful of the interviewer’s time.

4. Show up early

By showing up earlier than expected you are demonstrating that you take this possible job position seriously and that you are ready for business. This shows the interviewer right away that you plan to be on time even if you obtain the job position.

5. Make a great first impression

Show your interviewer that you are a confident individual. Smile often and be positive throughout the interview.

6. Take notes

As simple as taking notes can show the interviewer that you are not only interested but dedicated to learning more about the company.

7. Respond truthfully

Be honest. This is a quality every employer strives to have within their employees. By telling the truth of what you can or can’t handle you are showing the employer that you are not there to waste their time. This can make the employer respect you even more.

8. Ask questions

Ask any questions about the company you may have. By asking questions, you are able to show your interest in learning more about the company. Make sure to ask about the next steps in the interview process last.

9. Say thank you.

Thank the interviewer for their time and tell them that you are looking forward to hearing from them. Leave the interviewer intrigued.

10. Follow up

Although your interview may be over, one of the most important aspects of an interview process is to thank the interviewer once again for their time. A simple email can show your gratitude for being given the opportunity regardless of the outcome.

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