Fall 2021 Executive Board

President: Emily Ciocca

As President, it is my responsibility to ensure that AMA UT is achieving its mission and continually providing value to our members through establishing and monitoring the goals and strategies of the organization. I’m also tasked with providing strong leadership and mentorship within our organization, working hand in hand with the executive board and members daily. 

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Executive Vice President: Jenny Boyer

As Executive Vice President, I manage a team of 28 executive board members and lead multiple departmental projects, initiatives, and campaigns. I also monitor performance, operational success, and organizational goals to ensure that AMA achieves its mission and continues to provide value to its members.

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SVP of Growth and Development: Casandra Collins

As Senior Vice President of Growth and Development, the future of the organization is a priority. This role is responsible for identifying and recommending long-term strategic ideas and initiatives for the organization as a whole. The focus of the role is to be a consultative discoverer and thought leader for next practices that will help the organization remain on the cutting edge of AMA Collegiate Chapters. Understanding where the collegiate chapter stands with success now provides an opportunity for successful growth through enhancing skills and opportunities by the Growth and Development department.

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VP Programming: Christina Cevetillo

As VP of Programming, I am responsible for organizing events and recruiting speakers to ensure members are learning as much as they can. I work to increase engagement as well as make AMA an experience that members can use in the future, such as networking!

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Director of Programming: Greg Davis

As director of Programming my role is directly linked to the acquisition of professional speakers and mentors capable of leading engaging curriculums designed to head our general meetings. Additional to finding these individuals, the role also focuses on the professional communication critical to planning and directing each general meeting in accordance to AMA member’s wants and our speakers visions. Lastly, the role works directly on the vital aspect of networking and socializing within AMA through the development of social opportunities to take place periodically throughout the semester.


VP of Membership: Sidney Schlee

As Vice President of Membership, I will aid current, new, and prospective members who wish to learn more about AMA and answer any concerns one might have. I will be in charge of maintaining our membership list, keeping record of attendance at meetings, and making sure each new member is signed up and paid in order to utilize the benefits that AMA has to offer.

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Director  of Membership: Morganne Mannino

As a Director of Membership I assist the VP of Membership in taking attendance and organizing records of current and past members.


SME of Membership: Lauren Ebeling

As the Subject Matter Expert of membership I work collectively with VP / Director of membership!! In this position I help take attendance and find new ways to attract and engage new members. We also use data to create insights for the future to help us.

VP of Finance: Allie Malloy

As Vice President of Finance I am in charge of creating financial statements and communicating the data to help make smart financial decisions for the organization.  In addition, the VP of Finance is in charge of the flow of funds within the organization.

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Director of Finance: Leah Williams

As  Director of Finance I  work with the VP of Finance to create better financial plans and budgeting strategies. The Director’s role aids to widen the horizon of ideas flowing in and out meanwhile, assisting in financial operations.

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Director of Partnership: Angelina Youngs

As Director of Partnerships, I assist the Partnerships Department in building and maintaining relationships amongst the organization’s members, the Tampa Bay Community, and the marketing world at large. My role is to plan and organize community service events, fundraising events, and increase overall outreach in AMA.


VP of Research: Lily Kurtz

As Vice President of Research, I conduct internal and external research on AMA UT’s chapter, members, engagement, and metrics. I conduct primary and secondary research using techniques such as observations, focus groups, and surveys. From the qualitative and quantitative data I collect, I develop and implement AMA’s next practices to improve our chapter operations and ensure that our members gain the skills and experience they need to be successful.

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SME of Research: Cooper Bennett

As Subject Matter Expert of Research, I will assist and collaborate closely with the Director and VP of research to identify trends both internally and in the external environment and present the results in a visual way.


Website Director: Chad Roche

As the Website Director my responsibilities include creating new pages on the website, updating existing pages and communicating with members or potential members through the website. Other responsibilities include posting weekly marketing blogs and trends on the website.


Website Content SME: Ashley Rosa

As the Subject Matter Expert of Website Content on the Executive Board, my role entails being responsible for updating the website with all of the latest information regarding AMA, AMA agency meetings, uploading blog posts, creating new website pages, and updating existing pages. I work closely with the Website Director to make sure the website is working appropriately and informing our members of what is to come.


VP of Social Media: Paula Fernandez Gaviria

As Director of Social Media and Engagement I am responsible for developing the social media posts as well as writing the content for said posts. Additionally, I am responsible for analyzing all of the data and statistics related to social media.

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Director of Social Media: Milvia Fisher

As Director of Social Media and Engagement I am responsible for developing the social media posts as well as writing the content for said posts. Additionally, I am responsible for analyzing all of the data and statistics related to social media.

SME of Graphic Design: Nicole Gagnon

My job as the Subject Matter Expert of Graphic Design is to translate our brand image into creative and memorable ways through the use of graphic design for all of our marketing channels including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Email. I will be working alongside the VP of Digital Media and the Subject Matter Expert of Photography to generate content for the stated platforms.


VP of Digital Media: Lauren Truelove

As the VP of Digital Media, my role is to create content shareable across all platforms that represents AMA at The University of Tampa to its full potential. This involves content creation of all types providing the social media team the tools they need to engage with the UT community.


Director of Internal Com.: Olivia Reeber

As Director of Internal Communications, I am the bridge between the Digital Media and Social Media & Engagement teams. I'm responsible for creating our email campaigns, contributing to social media content, and serve as a direct contact to AMA UT members to communicate what's happening each week and answer questions.

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Faculty Advisor: Professor Beemer

He teaches Introduction to Marketing, Digital Marketing and Marketing Strategy. He was a business owner and then worked in Sales and Marketing Management for Mars Inc. for nearly 25 years. He has been teaching at UT for six years.

SME of Photography: Hannah Rhea

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