AMA's Agency

Gain experince developing marketing strategies for real companies by participating in the Agency!

This semester UT AMA Agency will be working with North Beach Windsurfing! Created by Britt Viehman, they have been serving the Tampa Bay Area since 1999 from St Pete Beach. In the last 20 years they have grown into one of the top five biggest windsurfing shops in the US and have spread internationally into Central and South America. 


Through our fully student led Agency, we will be working hand in hand with North Beach Windsurfing to develop a comprehensive marketing plan and aid in expanding their reach across Tampa Bay. Through this collaborative environment we will create ideas and strategies for our clients in a variety of industries including finance graphic design and business strategy. 


All Positions are full at this time, but we encourage you to apply in the fall!

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In fall 2020 the Agency worked with PODS!

PODS is moving and storage company founded in 1998 and based in Clearwater Florida. 

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POD's mission is to have flexibility built into their solutions, so customers can stay in control of their move and have minimum stress! 

All positions for fall's 2020 semester Agency are currently filled.

If you are interested in future positions, contact our current President Breanna Flynn: