The American Marketing Association at the University of Tampa is a professional, student lead organization. We take pride in being the only marketing-focused professional organization at The University of Tampa. We are the largest AMA Chapter within Tampa Bay, and our main focus is creating an inclusive environment for our members to feel welcomed and gain all the tools necessary to succeed in a professional environment. 

We hold weekly meetings where we discuss up and coming events as well as featuring professional speakers from top well-known companies. The speakers provide our members with knowledge about their position in their company and give our members invaluable advice and opportunities. Opportunities that set AMA apart from other chapters are: 

  •  Live Agency experience with real clients

  • Specialized workshops and skill development

  • AMA Tampa Bay membership and volunteering

  • AMA National Conferences and competition


AMA is recognized locally, nationally, and internationally. This professional organization has more than 300 collegiate chapters and 70+ professional chapters. The resources that the Global Support Center provides are all available for members, as well as attending local professional chapter workshops. 

Take a look at our member benefits and become a member today! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email or contact our president.

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